Without Self-Mastery, We Are Slaves to Suffering

I believe “No one can heal you better than your Own Self”. Hence, I highly recommend  people to learn some form of spiritual/energy work, which is a miraculous gift to the mankind. It not only magically boost up the entire human energy system but also automatically uplifts all areas of your life. It is a permanent self first-aid service for your Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Well-Being. All you need is a strong desire to uplift yourself, to live in a joyfully abundant & peaceful state, now & forever.

I teach highly advanced & powerful Ascension Energy Healing Systems (see details below). In this, you receive powerful energy initiations and with daily systematic practice, you can race to the Infinite.

Ascension is a natural evolutionary process which involves the process of shedding the old self and Experiencing An Inner Rebirth. Until we stop operating from our limited Mind and shift to Heart (which is our true divine magical self) life will remain a challenge, be it finance, relationship, career or health. 

My humble request to all beautiful souls –  “Gift Yourself An Upgraded Yourself”. 

Online Attunements and Learnings available. Check workshop dates & locations at the bottom of the page.

  • Holy Fire Reiki III

    Holy Fire Reiki III comes directly from the Source (GOD). To us, it reveals the light of our Authentic Self/True Inner Self. This part is God Consciousness and possess the  awareness & power of the universe. Your divine life purpose becomes more evident & clear to you. It provides guidance at every level of life including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It is also a powerful manifestation tool to achieve your life goals.

    Holy Fire Reiki is more refined,  strong yet gentle, heals deeply (including past life issues), works continuously even when not thinking, heals issues as they come up, heals relationships and interactions with others. It releases worry and replaces it with safety.  All these qualities are present in Level  I&II and become more pronounced in the  next Level ART/Master and Karuna classes.

    Holy Fire Reiki was introduced by Mr William Lee Rand of International Center For Reiki Training (ICRT)  in USA.I hold Professional Membership with ICRT – Reiki Membership Association and teach as per ICRT-RMA norms.

  • Magnified Healing

    Magnified Healing energy can be described as “soft yet powerful,” “magnetic,” “very Yin” (or feminine) in its essence.

    It is used for personal healing, healing karmas, past life healing, activating all the strands of DNA, etc. With this beautiful energy one feels uplifted, peaceful, connected to the Source Creator.

    The beauty of Magnified Healing is whatever stage you are at in your journey, the energy meets you at that place and takes you to the next level.

    Magnified Healing has been brought down on Earth by Mother Kwan Yin, the Chinese Goddess of Mercy and Forgiveness. Lord Buddha Gautama was her Enlightened Master. This modality is channeled by Gisele King and Kathryn Anderson.

  • Merlin Trinity Healing System

    Merlin Trinity is a very simple and extremely effective healing system. The energies have a profound effect on speed at which one will evolve -spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

    MTHS energy  works deeply with issues related to Mind. It is a spiritual healing method that involves release of mental blocks, confusion, toxins and built up issues (incl past lives) to attract new opportunities in life. MTHS has literally changed people’s lives at a dramatic pace.

    MTHS is directed to the areas that are blocked or in need of healing, so you are into a perfect balance. Your innate talents and abilities will unfold – feeling more energetic, more alive and more in tune with your higher self and soul purpose. The energy is channeled by Mr Mark Anup Karlsson. MTHS has five levels.

  • The Melchizedek Method

    The Melchizedek Method is a spiritual light body activation, healing and rejuvenation technique. It is a whole new formula for body health, harmony and spiritual ascension.

    Learnings contain some truly beautiful meditations/initiations and each one forms an integral part of building of your light body. The journey is one of self discovery, self empowerment and the release of old belief systems and programs that contain you in a limiting space. This work is very expansive and a journey into unlimitedness, unconditional love, non judgment and unity consciousness, a oneness with all things.

    This was channeled by Mr Alton Kamadon through Lord Melchizedek. The whole system consists of five levels. Visit http://www.kamadonacademy.com for more details.

  • Prism Energy Work

    “Prism Energy Work” is the job which every soul would love to do. It’s Pouring God’s higher levels of consciousness through colours, which have magical powers.  This is a 2 days workshop with mesmerising techniques and energy attunements to accomplish all that is needed to have a fulfilling life experience.

    If God is the one who has created us, then he must have also laid out ways or a roadmap to have a fulfilling life, be it material or spiritual, depending on what is soul’s real requirement. So why not tap into the tools and techniques through Prism Energy Work. Each colour is encoded with high divine vibration, frequency and a speed at which it works, when applied and used daily.

    Prism Energy Work is a gift by the Creator God themselves for us on Earth. They have been generous to share their  powers with us in order to accomplish our soul mission, learn our lessons, gather blessings and have a wonderful life on Earth and Heaven.

  • Access Consciousness

    There are 32 points on your head known as the Access Bars. They store the electromagnetic component of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, beliefs, considerations and points of view that you have stored from any lifetime current or past.

    What if you could change the thoughts, feelings and emotions that limit you?

    The Bars, when lightly touched, effortlessly and easily release anything that doesn’t allow you to receive. Judgment begins to dissolve from within and is replaced by a sense of ease, peace and space.

    This simple hands-on 10 Bars Sessions can actually transform your life. Founded by Gary M. Douglas and by co-creator Dr. Dain Heer. Only healing sessions available.