A person’s life is a combination of Destiny and Free Will. Hence, often we need divine guidance and clarity to make our lives smooth and hassle free. Among many divinations, Tarot  and Akashic Readings can throw light into our past, present and future life issues or can even help us discover our life’s path, thus making our lives more meaningful.

Tarot is a unique divine tool for self understanding and making right choices about the Future. It gives us detailed Clarity, Guidance, Insights for the Future.

Akashic or Soul Records is a karmic account book which contains the entire history of the soul from the beginning of the time. Soul’s every past lives actions, emotions, choices, lessons, life purpose etc are recorded in it. Every soul has its own record book. Every time before taking birth soul writes his life agenda and lessons in the spiritual realms.

Accessing our soul records helps us 1. Dig into the root cause for painful repetitive patterns, fear, trauma, failure, blocks, resistance, illness etc 2. Heal them 3. Choose to Re-Write our own soul records once again  to have a more fulfilling life.





Energy Exchange (EE):

Tarot Reading:  Rs 4,000 (1 Hr)

Akashic Reading: Rs 4,500 (1 Hr)


All Tarot/Akashic Readings are by prior appointment only.

Readings and Healing happen under divine guidance only.